Classification of Antithyroid Drugs

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I. Thioureylenes II. Polyhydric phenols III. Ionic inhibitors IV. Miscellaneous agents

Antithyroid Drugs - (Drugs Acting on Endocrine System)


Antithyroid drugs are classified as follows:

I. Thioureylenes


i. Thiouracil derivatives

ii. Imidazoles

iii. Aniline derivatives

Mode of action: These agents interfere with some of the process catalyzed by thyroid peroxidase, such as iodide oxidation, organification, and coupling of iodotyrosines.

II. Polyhydric phenols


i. Resorcinol

Mode of action: The only clinical agent from this category is resorcinol. It possesses same mechanism of action similar to that of thioamides.

III. Ionic inhibitors

(a)        Potassium perchlorate

(b)        Thiocynate

Mode of action: These anions resemble iodide ions and affect the power of thyroid gland to accumulate iodine.

IV. Miscellaneous agents

(a)          Lithium carbonate and

(b)          Adrenergic blockers


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